4 Uses For Bollards at Condominiums

As with many other residential areas, condominiums benefit from bollards. These security and safety products offer numerous applications that help residents stay safe and injury-free. Below are some of the ways to utilize bollards in and around condo complexes.

1. Pickup/Dropoff Area Protection

Some condominiums feature elaborate pickup and dropoff areas in front of their buildings that see lots of resident and guest traffic. Adding bollards to these areas creates more secure grounds, such as placing high-security, or permanent, bollards in front of concrete retaining walls featuring signage and or assorted greenery. Bollards can also be used to stagger incoming and outgoing vehicles, which prevents traffic problems that increase the injury risk. If an area of the pickup/dropoff area is not usable for any reason, such as because of construction, portable bollards can be used to temporarily keep people out.

2. Parking Garage Protection

Bollards lend themselves to parking garages in several ways. If the condo garage uses a kiosk system, for example, security bollards can be installed around the individual kiosks to shield them from vehicles. This prevents drivers from accidentally bumping into the kiosks and causing minor to serious damage. Other ways bollards benefit parking garages include protecting the perimeters from wayward drivers. For example, say the garage is open-air, or partially open, and next to a busy city street. By surrounding the area with high-security bollards, any intoxicated, tired, or distracted drivers cannot make contact with the garage. These bollards can stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour, which provides invaluable parked car and pedestrian protection.

3. Under-Construction Area Protection

Perhaps an area of the condo needs renovating and is therefore off-limits to owners, tenants, guests, and staff. Surrounding all areas under renovation with portable bollards ensure they remain off-limits. The risk of anyone entering the area(s) decreases significantly as a result of safer premises and greater peace of mind. In the event of someone breaching the restricted area, they forfeit any legal claims. For such a claim to have merit, there must not be bollards present, other fencing of any kind, or signs posted. Using bollards in this way subsequently helps condo owners avoid premise liability issues, hefty fines, and reputation damage.

4. Walkway Protection

If the condo complex features one or more pathways, lining them with lighted bollards keeps them illuminated at night. The walkways are therefore much safer to use in the evening and during the night, which helps prevent tripping and injury. Extra light also contributes to safer premises overall. Find the bollards your condo needs today at 1800Bollards.

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