Do You Need Bright-Colored Bollards? 3 Telling Signs

Bollards come in many colors and styles, including bold-colored options that are almost impossible to miss. If your business or complex might need brightly-hued bollards but you aren’t sure, let this guide help. The following factors tell you now is the time to review your bollard options.

1. Recurring Property Damage

Perhaps you own a business with a glass storefront and have dealt with multiple vehicle-related accidents in the last year or so. Maybe you oversee a stadium or hospital and continually schedule repairs for damaged building corners and facades. Consistent property damage often calls for bold-colored bollards because they make vehicle-building contact virtually impossible. For example, if you add bright yellow bollards to the sidewalk edge in front of your store that offers high-security benefits, your days of vehicles driving up on the ‘walk and inflicting damage are over. Similarly, installing bollards in front of building corners creates a barrier between the structure and assorted vehicles. You’ll save money on property repairs and enjoy greater peace of mind as a result.

2. Lane Designation Issues

Sizable business complexes mean employers and clients are driving to and from assorted buildings every day. If there have been multiple collisions lately from drivers not knowing where their lanes are, use removable or retractable bollards. Either can be utilized to clearly designate different lanes so drivers have an easier time navigating as they look for the right building or a parking spot. Fewer collisions mean fewer delays that can affect productivity.

3. Too-Dark Bike Paths

Parks with bike paths can benefit from bold-color bollards if they are currently too dark. You might also want the bollards to feature LED lights that illuminate these paths so cyclists can see the lane ahead of them as the sun goes down. Bollards with LED lights cost less to run than standard street lamps, which helps you market the park as eco-friendly. Choosing lighted bollards in bright colors ensures they are even more visible to bike riders, hikers, and everyone else who enters the park.

Selection Tips

Depending on why you need bright-colored bollards, you might want to select hues that match or complement the business’s surroundings. Doing so increases curb appeal and helps your business’s color scheme or logo stand out in the minds of consumers. If color coordination is not an issue, consider the classic yellow bollards that are immediately noticeable to drivers and pedestrians alike. Purchase top-quality bollards today at 1800Bollards.

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