Bollards Vs. Temporary Plastic Fencing: Pros & Cons

Does your work site, event, or place of business need temporary fencing? There are numerous options available to you, including portable bollards and plastic fencing. So which is right for you? Review the pros and cons of each possibility as you think about your specific needs.

Temporary Plastic Fencing Pros

Such fencing is usually lightweight, depending on how much you need. It is subsequently easy to transport and set up, such as around an outdoor private gathering or children’s sports event. When the event is over, the plastic fencing can be reused if it has not sustained damage. If damage has occurred or you simply do not have an immediate need for the fencing, it can be recycled. If you are trying to promote your business or event as green-minded, recycling plastic fencing is a way to demonstrate your dedication.

Temporary Plastic Fencing Cons

While this fencing is relatively durable, it is not impenetrable. For example, if it is used on a ski slope to help the skiers stay on the trail, there is still the possibility of damage. A skier who slips on a patch of ice, for example, might find themselves crashing through the fencing and into anything nearby, such as a tree. Since today’s skis pop off upon unfortunate impacts, the chances of injury are relatively low. However, the fencing does not provide the durability necessary to stop the skier–or anyone not currently in control of their speed–from going through the plastic. Plastic fencing is also considered unsightly compared to other temporary barrier options, such as bollards and some types of vinyl fencing.

Portable Bollard Pros

These bollards come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing business leaders, event planners, and others in need of temporary barriers to choose what’s ideal. They can select bollards in matching or complementary colors among other design decisions that contribute to the setting’s look and feel. Portable bollards are also relatively lightweight for easy maneuvering and can be linked with chains to create more distinct barriers. Some can be outfitted with signage, such as directions to an outdoor wedding, making portable bollards as versatile as they are

Portable Bollard Cons

Like temporary fencing, portable bollards are not recommended in terms of stopping various impacts. Permanent, or high-security, bollards are best for this since they can halt vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. If bollards are what you need, browse the selection at 1800Bollards today.

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