4 Uses For Removable Bollards Inside Malls

Bollards make a wide variety of commercial and industrial spaces safer, more secure, and easier to manage. Malls are among their many commercial applications, as using bollards throughout these giant shopping centers offers numerous advantages. Learn what makes bollards so useful in malls across the country.

1. They Make Under-Construction Areas Safer

Any section of the mall that is under construction or unsafe for any reason benefits from removable bollards. Often linked with chains, these bollards surround the area(s) in question to keep mall shoppers away. The bollards can be paired with assorted warning-themed signage to ensure shoppers understand that the area must not be breached. For example, say an escalator is broken and needs repair. Placing bollards in front of the escalator entrances in conjunction with “Out of Order” signage makes it clear that the moving stairs are under construction and not fit for use. Removable bollards can also be used to surround flooring made slippery from water, other beverages, or anything else that can cause shoppers to slip and fall.

2. They Create Barriers Around Santa and Easter Bunny’s “Homes”

Since bollards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they can lend themselves to Santa Claus and Easter Bunny “workshops.” These safety and security products create clear barriers that prevent children from wandering into the workshops instead of waiting for their turns. Bollards can be linked with large decorative ropes or ribbons that complement or match the other colors used in the workshop schemes. Such displays are arguably more eye-catching than bland-colored temporary fencing.

3. They Increase Parking Garage Safety

Removable bollards can be used to increase parking garage safety. While retractable and permanent bollards also lend themselves to these garages, removable options provide temporary remedies regarding entrance and kiosk security. They make it clear an entrance is off-limits and create barriers between kiosks and vehicles in the event of impacts.

4. They Help Owners Avoid Premise Liability Issues

Using removable bollards is a way to avoid premise liability issues. For example, say a shopper tries to use an out-of-order escalator or elevator and sustains injuries. They ignored the removable bollards in place, therefore forgoing the right to legal action. If the bollards were not used, the shopper could argue that the premises were unsafe and their injuries are the mall’s fault. Bollards subsequently help avoid legal problems and bad press. Find the ideal bollards for your mall today at 1800Bollards.

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