4 Uses For Bollards in Shopping Malls

Bollards offer both indoor and outdoor applications, including those that benefit shopping malls. They improve the safety and functionality of the mall and surrounding grounds, which reduces premise liability risks and contributes to customer satisfaction. Learn about ways to utilize bollards in and around shopping malls to inspire your efforts.

Parking Lots

Whether your shopping mall features several outdoor lots or indoor garages, they need bollards. Lots benefit from high-security bollards surrounding them to prevent intoxicated, tired, and distracted drivers from accidentally driving into the parking areas. These drivers can injure shoppers and cause both vehicle and property damage, issues that bollards help prevent. High-security bollards stop cars going up to 50 miles an hour to keep the lot and its consumers safe.

If your mall includes a several-story garage, bollards are still recommended. They surround ticket kiosks to prevent costly damages that can include premature replacements. Bollards also surround ticket booths and subsequently protect the employees inside. Your team will appreciate the extra security that helps them work without feeling nervous or scared.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Bollards come in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials, including attractive options that contribute to outdoor seating areas. If such areas are near busy streets, bollards allow shoppers to relax, enjoy snacks, and review their purchases in peace. Lighted bollards are especially helpful because they keep the seating areas illuminated as the sun goes down, which prevents shoppers from sitting in the dark.


The escalators in malls provide convenient ways to get around. Unfortunately, some people use them to haul large shopping carts or baby strollers that present safety risks to other shoppers. Adding bollards to the top and bottom of escalators eliminates these risks to keep the escalators safe and functional. Shoppers won’t have to feel uneasy while watching others with cumbersome items struggling to stay balanced, which reduces premise liability issues.

Restricted Areas

When areas of your mall are under construction, bollards make it clear that consumers should stay out. Bright-colored options, whether chain-linked or not, prevent individuals from breaching restricted areas and possibly injuring themselves or your property. This is another way bollards sidestep premise liability issues because the steps needed to make the area(s) inaccessible have been taken. Pick from the quality bollards at 1800Bollards today to enjoy a safer, more secure mall.

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