4 Ways Bollards Help Patrons

Bollards are more than driver safety products. They protect patrons in several ways to help keep business and organization complexes safe. Learn why bollards are so beneficial to those on foot before determining which type of this versatile product is right for your needs. 

Protection From Parking Lot Traffic

When patrons exit their vehicles in a parking lot to walk to a store, restaurant, or other establishment, they are in immediate danger from other drivers. These drivers are often distracted because they are looking for parking spots or trying to get out of the lot as quickly as possible. Safety bollards installed on either side of a parking lot median allows patrons to safely walk from their vehicles to the store without the constant fear of vehicular collisions. 

Protection From Wayward Vehicle Traffic

Even the most responsible, careful driver can lose control of a vehicle. Loss of control can result in serious patron injuries and accidents without bollard installations. For example, patrons attending a concert at a stadium can become victims of drivers who lose control and end up on the sidewalk. Bollards keep vehicles where they belong–the street–to safeguard patrons buying tickets, waiting for friends and family, and waiting in line to get into the stadium. 

Wayward vehicles can also hit patrons coming and going from local shops and boutiques. They create barriers between the sidewalk and street so cars can’t jump the curb and hit patrons or the businesses themselves, something especially important for the storefronts thatfeature lots of glass. 

Protection From Unsafe Hiking and Biking Paths 

Permanent safety bollards aren’t the only way to help patrons. Those enjoying local parks benefit from bollards, which are often used to close hiking and biking paths that are under construction or unsafe for any other reason. Bollards make it clear the area is prohibited to keep patrons from getting lost and injured. 

Protection From Emergency Situations

Yet another way bollards protect patrons is in the event of an emergency. For example, a chemical spill outside a store or other place of business creates a serious hazard to unwitting patrons without bollard use. Removable bollards make it clear the area is hazardous and patrons should stay away until the issue is resolved. 

These are just some of the ways bollards keep patrons safe. They are always worth the investment.  Get the bollards your business or organization needs today by contacting 1800Bollards.

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