5 Safety Uses For Bollards

Bollards come in a wide range of types and have numerous applications, one of the most important being safety. High-security, permanent bollards capable of stopping 15,000-ton vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour protect a variety of commercial and industrial environments to promote optimal safety and security. Learn about some of these safety applications to help determine if bollards are right for your business or facility.

Entry & Exit Door Safety

Bollards make it clear to drivers where they can and cannot go. They protect entry and exit doors to keep employees as well as anyone else entering or exiting the building safely. Entry and exit door protection is especially important if there are lots of large delivery trucks coming and going every day.

Bank Teller Protection

Bollards surrounding bank teller windows and building corners protect the structure as well as the employees from vehicular harm. Sometimes drivers misjudge their turns and clip the buildings, something bollards prevent. They also protect automatic teller machines (ATMs) from damage as well as theft. Thieves sometimes attempt crashing into ATMs to rob them, which bollards make impossible.

Stadium Safety

These vertical safety columns provide extra protection for people patronizing sports stadiums. Stadiums frequently feature hundreds of people walking around them, whether they are buying tickets, standing in line to get in, waiting for friends and family, or smoking cigarettes. Bollards installed on the curbs surrounding stadiums protect fans from vehicular traffic for safer game day experiences.

Park Safety

Bollards are often found in and around parks, including retractable or flexible bollards used to designate biking and hiking paths. They also surround city and town parks to shield people from vehicle traffic. And since many people use the sidewalks surrounding parks for exercise, the addition of bollards is a welcome safety measure.

Warehouse Protection

Busy warehouses featuring towering shelves of inventory as well as employees operating heavy machinery quickly become dangerous without the right safety products. Bollards protect inventory by creating a buffer between shelves and forklift operators making too-tight turns. This can save thousands if not millions of dollars in inventory damage. Bollards also create safe break areas for employees so they can eat their lunches and relax in peace without worrying about getting injured by a forklift operator. Additionally, they protect forklifts and other expensive equipment in storage areas.

If bollards are key to your business’s safety, find what you need at 1800Bollards today.

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