5 Of The Coolest Custom Bollards

While many think of traditional vertical models when they hear the word “bollard“, these practical safety products actually come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The many different custom bollards found around the world add a decorative element in addition to providing safety benefits such as assisting with traffic flow or creating a barrier between the sidewalk and street. If custom bollards are on your shopping list, get inspiration from some of the coolest options the world over. 

Dolphin Fin Bollards

Seen in Asian countries such as China, dolphin dorsal fin bollards add a fun and unique element to any sidewalk or street. Some bollards feature the dorsal fins only, while others include part of the marine mammals’ back. The result looks like dolphins are swimming around you as you meander down a city street. They even help people discern the difference between dolphin and shark fins for safer swimming. 

Seated Bollards

Another cool custom bollard option turns the objects into seats. And while sitting on the edges of sidewalks in a busy urban area isn’t always the safest idea, the ability to sit quickly to tie a shoe or doing something similar without getting on the ground is appealing. They also provide photo opportunities for snap-happy tourists. 

Planter Bollards

Lower, wider bollards provide eco-friendly benefits. They create wonderful planters that beautify city streets, adding more color to the area and oxygen to the air. Planter bollards are easily adjusted to keep up with the season and add instant elegance when placed in front of any store. 

Book Stack Bollards

Bollards can be crafted in virtually any shape, including stacks of books. Such bollards are ideal for libraries and schools looking to foster a love of reading. Illuminating them with embedded ground lights makes the bollards even cooler because they almost glow. 

People and Character-Themed Bollards

Depending on where you travel you might find bollards in the shape of people, such as British police officers and swimmers wearing old-fashioned swimsuits and accessories. There are even bollards created in the likeness of popular cartoon characters such as the yellow minions from the Despicable Me films. Since many bollards are already yellow, creating those in the minion guise is certainly an amusing idea sure to make anyone smile. What bollards are right for your personal or commercial needs? Discuss your requirements with the team at 1800Bollards today.

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