4 Ways Bollards Make Cities Safer & More Walkable 

‘Safety’ is perhaps the word most commonly associated with bollards, and with good reason. Many bollards are designed specifically for safety reasons, which has placed these products at the forefront when improving the walkability of cities around the globe. Take a moment to learn how durable products contribute to citywide safety.

They Protect Sidewalks & Storefronts

Bollards line many city sidewalks, protecting both pedestrians and nearby storefronts, including those with large glass windows. Permanent safety bollards made of steel can stop vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour, which prevents them from inflicting serious injuries and causing thousands of dollars in property damage. Business owners with glass storefronts no longer feel nervous with security bollards in place because wayward vehicles cannot accidentally drive into their stores. Pedestrians undoubtedly experience the same reassurance so they can enjoy their surroundings instead of constantly watching cars and trucks.
Bollards have also allowed restaurants and stores to stay open safely in accordance with social distancing throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. Instead of restaurants moving their patrons out into the streets with little or no protection, restaurant owners are utilizing bollards to still allow movement between the barriers and protect the patrons on the inside of the barrier from vehicles and pedestrians.

They Create Safer Walking & Biking Paths

Walking and biking paths throughout a city often come with risks, namely from cars driving by. Installing bollards on either side of walking and biking paths keep locals and tourists from getting injured by distracted or intoxicated drivers. Even removable bollards in bright colors help because they are easily visible to drivers; however, permanent security bollards still provide the safest option.

They Establish Safety Zones

Removable and retractable bollards both apply to safety zone creation around sports stadiums, large concert venues, hospitals, and other sizable complexes. They help visitors stay out of the way of vehicles, which is especially important around event venues where people are looking for parking lots and not necessarily paying attention to the road. Bollard installations keep these areas walkable and safe for those on foot.

They Help Contain Construction Work

Construction and demolition work often spills onto city sidewalks, causing pedestrians to navigate their way around debris, including hazardous debris such as rusty metal and broken glass. And while contractors usually take steps to secure the areas and have permits that allow their projects to take up city sidewalks, bollard installations also help. They designate walking areas next to construction and demolition sites so pedestrians know exactly where to
go so that they do not put themselves in harm’s way. Contractors also enjoy new peace of mind because increased safety of construction sites improves construction. Find the ideal bollards for your city planning efforts today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard wholesaler on the web.

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