5 Applications For Bollards in Shopping Districts

Bollards make welcome additions to a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and even residential spaces. If you are planning or upgrading a shopping district in your community, there are many ways to utilize bollards for safer, more efficient premises. Take a moment to review ways to use bollards effectively.

1. Parking Lots

Have high-security bollards installed around all parking lots connected to the shopping district. These bollards consist of cement and can stop vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour. They provide optimal protection from intoxicated, distracted, and sleep-deprived drivers who might drive up onto the sidewalk…and into the lot, resulting in serious property damage and injuries. Drivers looking for spots and shoppers going to and from their vehicles will feel significantly safer as a result.

2. Escalators

Install bollards at the top and bottom of all escalators to prevent shoppers with strollers, carts, and other large, cumbersome objects from riding the moving stairs. Having such products on the escalator increases the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage from the shopper being unable to navigate the cart or stroller effectively.

3. Glass Storefronts

Place high-security bollards in front of any glass storefronts your shopping district features that face the street. Doing so keeps wayward drivers from accidentally driving up on the sidewalk and colliding with the storefronts, which can result in ruined inventory and equipment in addition to potentially causing severe injuries. Bollards keep drivers on the street where they belong to sidestep related liability issues.

4. Outdoor Seating Areas

Use bollards to create safe outdoor seating areas near busy urban streets. Bollards come in a variety of shapes and styles, allowing you to select options that suit your shopping district’s aesthetic and create welcoming outdoor spaces for shoppers to relax and enjoy snacks. Consider using lighted bollards in outdoor seating areas for evening shoppers who need breaks. They can also be used to highlight outdoor sculptures or landscaped areas. And because they run on LED lights, you won’t have to worry about rising energy costs if you use them.

5. Loading Docks

Add bollards to loading areas in your shopping district that prevent vehicle-building contact. Bollards also help drivers line up their commercial vehicles with the building’s overhead door for timely deliveries and pick-ups. Use bright-colored options that are easily visible for best results, something every driver getting ready to load or unload will appreciate. Browse from bollard options today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the web.

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