Delineators vs Bollards: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to managing traffic flow, you have a number of products to select from, including delineators and bollards. Delineators are frequently grouped with bollards despite featuring several key differences. Help your planning efforts by taking a minute to learn about these differences, as it makes deciding what you need significantly easier.

What Delineators Do

Like bollards, delineators are vertical objects that help with traffic. Unlike many types of bollards, delineators do not block traffic. They guide traffic instead. For example, they let drivers know to take one road instead of another or that a guardrail is present on a curved road. Delineators include highly-reflective features and are not always placed in the ground, as some are installed on top of guardrails for better visibility. Delineators are especially helpful in areas where side-swipe accidents are common. Remember, these products are flexible and cannot stop oncoming traffic.

What Bollards Do

High-security bollards have one purpose: to stop rather than guide an oncoming vehicle. They are capable of stopping several-ton vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour to protect storefronts, parking lots, and other commercial and industrial areas from oncoming traffic. They play essential safety roles, especially in high-traffic areas. Bollards in front of storefronts, for example, protect from accidental and purposeful crashes. Some thieves purposefully crash their vehicles into storefronts to create distractions while their cohorts rob them. That is in addition to accidental crashes resulting in serious structural and inventory damage.

Bollards also restrict vehicular access and are often used in hospital complexes and high- security areas that limit entry.

What’s Right For You?

Think about your project’s specific needs to determine which product is right for you. If you need to permanently restrict vehicular entry, go with bollards. If guiding pedestrian, bike, and vehicle traffic are high on your to-do list, use delineators. Keep in mind that bollards also protect inanimate objects, such as large pieces of sculpture and other art installations, something delineators cannot provide.

If you need to guide traffic temporarily, opt for delineators. Use them in parks as well, as they provide clear indications of where trail paths stop and start. Should you still need help deciding what is best for you, write out your project needs before reviewing products. You may need both delineators and bollards to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety.

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