5 Ways Bollards Benefit Gas Stations

Bollards lend themselves to a variety of commercial, industrial, and even residential environments, providing invaluable safety benefits. Gas stations are among the many applications of bollards, allowing drivers and employees to feel more secure during visits to the pump. Learn why bollards make welcome additions to gas stations before determining what your enterprise needs.

Gas Pump Protection

Bollards can easily surround gas pumps without impeding the driver or attendant’s ability to supply the vehicle with fuel. While most drivers take extra care maneuvering their vehicles to the pumps, not all pay attention or decide to get gas while under the influence. Adding bollards around the pumps keeps them undamaged to avoid premature, costly replacements. They also keep gas from potentially spilling everywhere and creating serious, expensive messes.

Attendant Protection

Attendants often spend time in their booths while waiting for drivers to enter gas station lots, especially when it’s raining, snowing, too hot, or too cold. And while these booths offer comfort and protection from the elements, they can still sustain damage from wayward vehicles. Installing high-security bollards around these small, tall booths gives attendants peace of mind because they know they are safe in the event of a collision with a distracted or intoxicated driver.

Air Pump Protection

Most gas stations offer free air pumps off to the sides of their perimeters as a courtesy to customers. Like gas pumps, these machines are subject to distracted and inebriated drivers without the right protection. Bollards protect air pump investments by creating effective barriers so your station can continue offering this free service.

Perimeter Protection

While gas stations usually feature more than one entrance from the street, it is still important for vehicles to use these entrances correctly and safely. Adding bright-colored bollards to the sidewalk areas helps make entryways clear, especially at night when everything is more difficult to see. They protect customers and employees from wayward drivers to maintain safe premises.

Auto Maintenance Center Protection

Plenty of gas stations feature auto maintenance centers onsite to help area drivers enjoy higher-functioning vehicles. Installing bollards on the sides of the center entrances that drivers back up into keeps the walls from sustaining dents, scratches, and other cosmetic damage. They also help drivers see where the walls are for further back-up success.

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