Why Use Bollards in Storefronts?

Store owners throughout the country benefit from permanent bollards installed on the sidewalks outside their boutiques, retail shops, hardware stores, and other establishments. They provide outstanding protection in several ways, making them worthwhile investments. Whether you are a new or longtime business owner, review why bollards should be part of your storefront.

They Protect Patrons and Passers-By

Installing permanent bollards along the sidewalk in front of a storefront protects those walking by. Patrons and everyone else walking on the sidewalk do not have to worry about intoxicated, drowsy, or distracted drivers. Such drivers can accidentally drive up on unprotected sidewalks and hit passers-by, potentially causing serious or fatal injuries. The safety shield from carefully staggered permanent bollards helps prevent catastrophic accidents and their repercussions. Those walking down the street feel safe as well because they don’t have to constantly watch the road. This is especially essential in busy urban areas.

They Protect Merchandise, Equipment, and Other Property

In addition to protecting people walking down the street, permanent bollards outside of storefronts protect the stores themselves. They avoid damage to the buildings, such as shattering the large storefront windows showcasing different wares. Permanent bollards additionally protect store merchandise, display cases, equipment, and anything else within the businesses. These security and safety products can subsequently conserve hundreds or thousands of dollars in damaged and ruined store property.

They Prevent ‘Smash and Grab’ Crimes

A ‘smash and grab’ crime is one where the driver of a vehicle intentionally drives into a glass storefront, causing property damage and serious commotion. While the business owner, employees, and anyone else standing by are concerned with the accident, the driver’s associates are grabbing as much merchandise, cash, and other valuables as they can. Sadly, this is a trick numerous unscrupulous individuals have used. Installing permanent bollards in front of glass storefronts prevents smash-and-grab crimes. These bollards stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour, making it extremely difficult to steal valuables.

They Provide Store Owners With Peace of Mind

Knowing their stores are protected from vehicular damage provides store owners with invaluable peace of mind. Whether accidental or intentional, vehicle collisions can cause problems that last for months, such as ordering replacement merchandise and scheduling building repairs. Permanent bollards eliminate these issues. Browse the bollards at 1800Bollards today to find what your storefront needs.

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