Removable Bollards vs. Permanent Bollards: Pros and Cons

Permanent and removable bollards both provide a wide range of applications. So which type is right for your upcoming project or event? That depends on what you need from these safety and security products. Review the pros and cons of removable and permanent bollards to determine what is ideal for you.

Permanent Bollard Pros

Also known as high-security bollards, permanent bollards can stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. They are unsurprisingly used for safety and security purposes, such as lining sidewalks outside of glass storefronts, surrounding public parking lots in bustling urban areas, and protecting the perimeters of stadiums and other large event spaces. These bollards come in many shapes and sizes and remain in place for years with the right care. Most high-security bollards are covered in galvanized paint to avoid unsightly chipping issues. If protecting a building exterior or lot perimeter is high on your to-do list, permanent bollards are exactly what you need.

Permanent Bollard Cons

Once installed, permanent bollards remain in place and can only be removed by trained professionals due to their weight and size. It is therefore essential to think critically about your bollard needs to avoid paying for both installation and removal fees. Permanent bollards can also become eyesores without the right maintenance–for example, if non-galvanized paint is used to cover them, said paint eventually starts chipping, flaking, and peeling. Using the right paint and inspecting the bollards periodically is strongly recommended to avoid these issues.

Removable Bollard Pros

Removable, or portable bollards are the most lightweight members of the bollard family. Like permanent bollards, they come in various shapes and sizes. Their portability provides years of re-use options, such as placing the bollards around construction areas in your store and then utilizing them for sale signage purposes. Other removable bollard pros include arranging and rearranging them however you want to suit different needs.

Removable Bollard Cons

Due to their relative lightweightness and portability, removable bollards are not recommended for all safety and security applications. For example, they should not be used to stop wayward vehicles or function as “shields”, unlike permanent bollards which are made to handle that kind of impact. What type of bollards are right for you? Whether you need permanent, removable, or another type of bollards, find what you need today at 1800Bollards.

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