Should You Paint or Powder-Coat You Bollards?

Both paint and powder coating chemicals improve the look of bollards, allowing you to enhance the look of your commercial property. Whether you select matching or complementary hues, you’ll need to decide between paint and powder coating. Both options coat metal surfaces and feature pigments, resins, and additives. However, powder coating products do not contain solvents, unlike paints. 

Color Matching and Texture

Paint offers onsite mixing for colors that match the commercial space exactly. Solvent content allows you to mix different hues, such as yellow and blue to make green or red and blue to create purple. Powder coating does not offer color matching possibilities because the plastics ground into it determine the hue. However, the resulting texture of powder coating wins over paint. It can be sprayed in thin coats that allow the underlying metal to texture to come through, or in thick coats to create uniform, smooth results. Paint, though also sprayed on, can run and drip, creating texture problems. And while you can ask for high-gloss coatings with powder coating, they are much easier to obtain with paint to reduce labor costs. 


Powder coatings do not emit VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which avoids affecting interior and exterior air quality. Paints typically feature VOCs that off-gas after application, which can create serious indoor air quality issues if the bollards are within your commercial facility. Paint is also flammable and can cause severe chemical fires if cans are stored improperly, such as in hot closets with no ventilation. 

Powder coating products do not emit VOCs and are not flammable to maintain safer storage facilities. They do not contain any fluids that evaporate, allowing you to store them for however long you wish. 


Paint might look great, but it can easily chip and crack within a few months. If your business is located in a coastal region, the paint also endures salt air that can cause it to degrade at a faster rate. Powder coating undergoes thermal bonding while it cures to create a more durable result. It reduces the risk of chipping, cracking, and scratching, creating a quality protective coat that extends the life of your bollards. This product also retains its color over time, unlike paint that features resins subject to fading. Chalking is a common problem on painted surfaces as resins and pigments break down, losing adhesive abilities in the process.  Find the bollards you are looking for today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard wholesaler on the internet.

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