The Importance of Bollards at Gas Stations

Bollards make a wide variety of public and commercial spaces safer, including gas stations. Optimal protection is essential for such stations due to the presence of combustible gas and other toxic chemicals that can cause major damage. If you own or manage a gas station, take a moment to learn more about why bollards are so important. 

They Protect Attendants

Gas station attendants are on almost constant watch for vehicles. Installing bollards around the booths they use for protection from the elements keeps them significantly safer. Permanent bollards that stop vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour provide more than enough protection for attendants in booths, as most drivers in gas stations are not going fast. However, they can still make contact with booths and potentially injure employees. Bollards reduce this issue to help workers feel extra safe and secure. 

They Protect Gas and Air Pumps

A vehicle that hits a gas pump can cause a severe explosion resulting in serious injuries and thousands in property damages. To maintain safe premises, surrounding gas pumps with permanent bollards can help prevent these often-catastrophic explosions. They also protect air pumps, as many gas stations offer “free air” to drivers. Since air pumps are not cheap to replace and cause injuries and property damage upon vehicle contact, bollards provide an ideal solution. Bollards allow drivers and employees to use gas and air pumps without issue. 

They Protect the Perimeter

Adding bollards to the perimeter of your gas station is something you should seriously consider. Permanent safety bollards stop wayward vehicles from entering the station and prevent the possibility of explosive contact with gas pumps. Bollards also prevent drivers who are intoxicated, drowsy, or distracted from causing catastrophic damages and injuries that can result in major re-opening delays and bad press. By surrounding your station with bollards, you are demonstrating your commitment to employee and driver safety. 

They Protect Service Stations

Many gas stations include maintenance centers that provide drivers with oil changes, engine tune-ups, brake pads, and tire replacements, and other services. By adding bollards to the loading areas of these service centers, the walls enjoy protection from vehicle scratches to maintain more attractive premises. The vehicles also stay safe from big dents and scratches which helps you avoid disgruntled customers.  As your premier bollard wholesaler on the web, we offer a range of products that contribute to safer, more efficient commercial premises. Discuss the right bollards for your gas station today with 1800Bollards.

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