When Are Chain-Linked Bollards Necessary?

Bollards are often stand-alone security products, though they can also feature chains that link them together. Permanent security bollards and removable bollards are among the most common types of bollards to feature chain links. If your project requires bollards but you are not sure whether chain links are necessary, review the following instances where they are advantageous.

Public Works of Art

Public sculptures provide residents and tourists with art they can enjoy free of charge. Unfortunately, too many people try to climb these works of art or touch them in order to take photos. Surrounding sculptures with chain-linked bollards provide the protection they need and deserve. The security installations make it clear not to move forward and touch the sculptures, which prevents finger oils and sweat from causing premature deterioration. The art subsequently remains intact for much longer, and the risk of injuries from climbing accidents decreases as well.

Private Outdoor Events

Libraries, community centers, and other public spaces often hold special events outdoors, especially in light of COVID-19. If these events are private, such as rehearsal dinners for weddings or retirement parties, chain-linked removable bollards help make the necessary distinction. They prevent crashers and onlookers from getting too close, which keeps the event private and avoids complaints. Every invitee has more fun as a result.

Streetside Dining Areas

As with outdoor events, outdoor dining has become even more popular because of COVID-19. Many restaurants use city streets for outdoor dining purposes so diners have more room to enjoy their food. Surrounding these streetside dining areas with chain-linked bollards in bright colors, such as yellow or orange, helps keep these spaces visible to drivers. The bollards can include reflective tape or stickers to increase nighttime visibility and subsequently provide diners with peace of mind. Bar and cafe owners who opt for street dining should also consider chain-linked bollards to help their premises remain safe.

Commercial Lawn Protection

Dog urine and waste are common complaints among business owners whose commercial properties include lawns. Surrounding these green spaces with chain-link bollards tells dog walkers and owners that their canines need to stay off the grass. Chain-linked bollards can be used in this way to further protect any commercial lawn since excessive foot traffic wears on grass blades and promotes soil compaction. For all of your bollard needs, browse our selection at 1800Bollards today.

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