Types of Outdoor Events That Benefit From Bollards

Bollards are among the most versatile safety and security products, often seen in and around shopping centers, parking lots, industrial properties, hospitals, stadiums, and residential areas. These cylindrical products also lend themselves to a wide variety of outdoor events, helping such events remain organized, safe, and secure. Review some of the many outdoor happenings that benefit from bollard usage.

Outdoor Weddings

Nuptials that occur outdoors are arguably better organized and secure with bollards, specifically portable bollards. They can be placed on the grounds to direct traffic to the event, with some including signage with wording such as “This Way” and “You’re Getting Closer!”. Surrounding the outdoor wedding with color-coordinated bollards is also advantageous if the “I Do’s” take place in a public setting, such as a park. While the grounds might be reserved especially for the wedding, crashers can still find their way in and help themselves to the food and drinks. Bollards make it extra-clear that the event is private.

Outdoor Community Festival

Community festivals that take place in the spring and fall do well with portable bollards. Such bollards can be used to designate temporary parking, create lines to restroom trailers and food and beverage trucks, and separate various “sections,” such as those for kids and dogs. Bright-colored portable bollards can also be placed in front of food trucks that face the street if traffic is not cut off, as they help the trucks remain as visible as possible to drivers. Bollards provide the same applications for outdoor music fests, beer fests, and food truck festivals.

Car Wash

Car washes put on by local high schools and businesses to raise money for assorted charities can utilize bollards. Portable bollards can be placed around the car wash area to help those working feel safer and more secure. They can also be used to designate different washing ‘areas,’ such as ‘Soaping’, ‘Rinsing, ‘Drying,’ and ‘Waxing.’ One or more of the bollards can additionally be used to hold car wash signage and help the volunteers get more customers.

Outdoor Library Event

Library events held on the grounds range from casual to highly formal and are often especially successful when bollards are used. As with outdoor weddings, portable bollards can be utilized to surround the event area and therefore prevent uninvited guests from crashing. Other uses include section designation, such as food and beverage areas, live entertainment areas, reading areas, and more. Find the bollards your outdoor event needs today at 1800Bollards.

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