What Are the Most Common Bollard Styles?

Many different types of bollards have cropped up through the decades, providing safety and security applications in a wide range of settings. So what are some of the most typical bollard styles? Review popular style options as you consider what your stadium, urban downtown area, park, warehouse, or other setting requires.


Perhaps the most well-known bollard style, the minimalist option consists of a thin, cylindrical design. Height varies in light of the application, with minimalist bollards available in removable, retractable, and permanent options. Stainless steel is a common material used to create these bollards. Minimalist bollards are found in a wide variety of settings, such as lining the curbs outside of strip malls, surrounding public city parking lots, and in front of public garage entrances. Their sleek appearance provides an eye- pleasing way to enjoy safer, more secure premises.


These globe-like bollards are frequently used as much for their aesthetics as their functions. For example, they can be seen peppering malls and other shopping center courtyards. Retail giants like Target have incorporated such bollards into their branding, as they are often staggered in front of store entrances. Painted red to match the Target bullseye, they make bustling store entrances safer and more attractive.


Typically, simple bollards are plain, cylindrical products often used for barrier purposes. For example, they may be installed on a cobblestone or paved pathway to allow pedestrians through but not vehicles. Simple bollards often look like they are “growing” out of the payment, though they have actually been installed partially under the ground.


Some bollards are mainly used for integral branding purposes. They subsequently appear in front of businesses among other commercial buildings, often featuring the name of the enterprise. These bollards can also be used to provide related information, such as directions and contact info. Given that they are used for signage purposes, integral branding bollards are frequently square- and rectangular-shaped, though they also feature appearances similar to simple and minimalist bollards.

Additional popular bollard types include square, or “building blocks,” as well as titled shapes. Some are even designed to mimic the look of other materials and products,
including those in the shape of gnomes, pencils, and assorted animals. What’s right for your enterprise depends on factors such as placement, traffic, and security and safety needs. Browse our bollard selection at 1800Bollards today!

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