Why Theme Parks Need Bollards

Safety is imperative to theme park success. No matter how large or small the operation is, bollards provide useful applications that contribute to safe, secure premises. Learn what bollards can do for theme parks before choosing types that best suit your amusement center’s needs.

They Make Parking Lots Safer

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous due to drivers coming and going, and looking for spots. People walking to and from their vehicles increases a lot of risks as well. Strategically- placed bollards create safe walkways in the middle of parking lots for people to use and therefore stay out of the way of cars and their possibly distracted drivers.

Bollards also create barriers between the lot and the street to prevent wayward cars from driving into the lot and potentially hitting parked cars and people. Permanent bollards made of cement or similar materials work best in parking lots because they stop cars and trucks going up to 55 miles per hour.

They Keep People Away From Defective Rides

Amusement park rides need servicing every so often to keep them operable and secure. Removable plastic and stainless steel bollards secure the areas around rides currently under construction to help curious children stay away. While the chances of kids and teens “breaking in” to an affected ride area are low, accidents still happen. Removable bollards linked with chains provide optimal protection by letting young ones know to stay out.

They Help Separate Ride Lines

Lines for theme park rides get long quickly, especially in bigger, more well known parks with famous attractions. Bright-colored removable and even retractable bollards help keep the lines defined and orderly. Whether you choose to link them with chains is up to you but either way, they help prevent disputes over line positions and can also be used as social distancing marks to protect people from COVID-19. By using bollards for social distancing purposes, it saves you from constantly having to spray paint six feet markers.

They Protect the Park’s Perimeter

As with stadiums and other large event venues, the roads around theme parks can be chaotic because drivers are looking for parking lots or venue entrances. Installing permanent safety bollards around the amusement park’s perimeter prevents distracted drivers from accidentally going up on curbs and possibly injuring pedestrians. They also provide protection for designated smoking areas, ticket booths, and any other sections requiring extra shielding.

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