Why Schools Benefit From Bollards

Many institutions benefit from bollards, including schools. If you are among those who make decisions about a school in the community, learn why bollards are valuable assets the premises should not be without.

They Protect Parking Lots

If your school is large enough to warrant a parking lot, you’ll want to install permanent security bollards. These safety products stop vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour, making them welcome installations around the lot’s perimeter. Car and truck drivers who are distracted, intoxicated, drowsy, or driving recklessly hit the bollards instead of parked cars, children, and parents. Security bollards that surround the perimeter are particularly essential if the lot faces a high-traffic street, as the risk of collisions naturally rises.

Parents will appreciate seeing bollards capable of literally stopping traffic around the parking lot perimeter, as they indicate your school’s dedication to safety.

They Help Create Safe Pickup & Dropoff Areas

The pickup and dropoff area in front of the school gets hectic at specific times of the day. Adding removable bollards to this area helps direct and control traffic flow so one or two cars are in the space at a time. Removable bollards also help drivers who aren’t picking up or dropping off children navigate around the busy area to help avoid near- misses and collisions. The entire operation becomes smoother, which lowers the stress levels of everyone involved. Bollards encourage patience and subsequently a more peaceful environment during pickup and dropoff sessions.

They Contribute to Secure Play Areas

School play areas can benefit from bollards if they are near busy streets. A summer camp going into its third year in Philadelphia, PA provides a perfect example of this. The camp is under part of Highway 95 in South Philadelphia, and near a busy shopping district called Snyder Plaza. The area is always bustling with drivers and pedestrians, and there are numerous congested four-way stops to contend with. Permanent security bollards surround the parking lot/summer camp, creating impenetrable barriers between cars and children at play. While the camp is also surrounded by high fences, any wayward vehicle could easily plow into said fencing without those bollards in place.

School playgrounds in busy urban areas need bollards to remain as safe as possible. Find the bollards your nursery school requires today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard wholesaler on the web.

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